Some stuff about Ultr4X

Hi there everybody....

I was born in 1977 near Stuttgart in the South of Germany. At the age of 16 I became a great lover of electronic music, espacially trance. 2 years later I visited my first underground Goatrance-Party in an old warehouse. At this point i was infected with the Goa-Spirit. Collecting mixtapes and DATs was the beginning of my dj-journey. After doing some attends in mixing with 2 normal cd-players and a simple mixer I decided to start buying vinyls in 1996. The first technics 1210 turntabels followed beside a professional dj-mixer. After months of practising and some gigs at smaller parties I got the chance to play several big events in- and outdoor. For example I was playing at the legendary “Traumfabrik” of the Cosmic Family in Ludwigsburg for several times, where the whole psytrance scene of south germany had its roots. Awesome parties took place in this magical location, like the POF-Labelparty and international DJs and liveacts played there over the years. 

One of the biggest shows I played in my early times was a christmas-evening party at Star Club Essen beside Meller and Marco Scherer or beside Goa Gil at an outdoor event. After beeing booked for parties round Germany and Switzerland, I decided to organize parties myself and founded the Psyeyes-Crew, that worked together with Jamel Phantasy, Developed Past, Venus Vibes, Happy People, Cosmic Family and other partyorganizers. The most mindblasting event was the first Solipse Festival in Ozora in 1999 – something that will keep in my mind forever.

In 2002 I had to stop djing for personal reasons. After a “small” break of 12 years I am back on the track, trying to make people happy and dancing with my sound. I like to combine new tracks with some classic-tracks from the former times or to do a retro set. I am into several kinds of sound but mostly goa- and psytrance and chillgressive.

In 2013 I became a resident at Dragonfly Radio, where I play a weekly show every Thurasyday evening.
The last 2 years I played gigs beside Zyce, Middle Mode, Etic, Static Movement, DJ Bim, Phaxe, Flegma, Ectima, Impulser and more, just to name a few.

To be continued....

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